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At ISI Filters we specialize in custom engineered solutions that are tailored fit to meet our customers’ needs.  ISI custom air filters are specially designed for superior fit, function, optimal performance and long service life.  Proper sizing, filter media selection, pleat protection, frame and end cap materials are just a few of the details that go into delivering a custom filter.  ISI Filters has a wide range of filter media options that cover efficiencies as low as MERV 5 all the way up to 99.9995% at .3 micron.  Filter frames and end cap material options consist of beverage board or chip board, wood, galvanized steel, aluminum, plastics, and urethane.

Media choices:


  • HEPA

  • ASHRAE - Glass and Synthetic

  • Spunbond polyester

  • 80/20 cellulose

  • Nanofiber

  • PTFE membrane materials


Custom Air Filters

Custom Air Filters ISI Filters Tonawanda New York Custom Filter
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